ZenithBIO, LLC

Strategic Business Development



Asks "the right questions" and provides in-depth feedback to insure client satisfaction.
Services are tailored to meet the needs of dynamic biopharmaceutical companies.

    • In- and Out-Licensing/ Partnering/ M&A Options
      • Create introductory & confidential slide presentations
      • Identify prospective opportunities/partners, schedule meetings, benchmark competitive deals , manage due diligence
      • Identify “on-the-mark” in-licensing opportunities



  • Competitive Analyses of
    • Products, Pipeline, Competition
    • Prioritize pipeline, clinical indications, commercial endpoints
    • Identify products for drug delivery transformation
    • Identify re-profiling product opportunities
  • Conduct Primary Market Research with
    • KOLs, clinicians, RNs, PAs, PharmDs, Formularies, Patients

Recommendations include
"...trusted and respected consultant to the executive team...always brought fresh perspective and insight..."
"...Ruth's strategic understanding of pharmaceutical marketing and business development informs her primary market research...deep content knowledge, skilled interviewing technique...produced critical input for strategic decisions and business development initiatives..."